Metal Pin Badges

We can offer this type of badge from iron, bronze, copper or zinc based metals, in a variety of different finishes. We can advise you of the best finish of your metal pin badge as to what will work best with your design. Ideal for a charity fundraiser, corporate pin badge, school or organisation awards.

Supplied with butterfly clutch or brooch fitting.

IMITATION CLOISONNE/HARD FIRE CLOISONNE - Pin with a flat surface, some tiny details can be printed for a better look.

DIE STRUCK - Die struck lapel pins are done by stamping an impression onto a copper or iron sheet. Enamel colours are placed in the recesses. Pins are plated with gold or nickel. Epoxy dome can be applied to protect.

PHOTO ETCHED - For finer detail, the pin is thinner than die Struck soft Enamel with bold edges.

COPPER STAMPED BADGES - Ideal for 3D, design stamped into Copper or Brass material, but no infill with colours. Finishes are gold silver, nickel, copper.

OFF SET PRINTED BADGE - An exact picture match, to keep everything as per design. Ideal for complex logos, or pictures.
Minimum quantity 100.

Metal Badge LooneyClub
Beavers Badge
Model Railway Club Pin badge


Price depends on the quantity and size.  Please send in your design for a free quotation – includes free set up.  Your badge will only go into production when you are happy with the design.

All prices are subject to VAT and delivery charges.